Some perhaps-useful stuff on teaching and writing philosophy:

Teacher, Cop, Bureaucrat: on the different roles that we might play in the classroom, and the trade-offs between educating our students, evaluating them, and policing them.

I wrote a Twitter thread about being honest with my students about how much Zoom teaching sucked for me, and how it changed my classroom, which turned into a Washington Post Op-Ed.

On writing fun, strange, open-ended exams: exams as tools, not just for assessment, but for instilling a sense of creativity and joy in critical thinking.

On starting papers, or: how I got over professional despair and learned to love philosophy again: supposedly an essay on my writing process. More of a confessional on boredom, and the personal pledges that saved my writing sanity.

Teaching trick: the emotional sanity break: give your students the right to call a stupid YouTube break during class.

Lesson plans for “Bullshit and Assholes Week”: Part I, “Teaching ‘On Bullshit'”

Lesson plans for “Bullshit and Assholes Week”: Part II. “Awesome and Asshole”

The Workshop Sequence: a sequence designed to teach students the process of workshopping philosophical ideas and writing.

I was a panelist on the APA Webinar on Writing Philosophy for Public Audiences (video replay available for APA members)

Philosophical films list: this is a crowd-sourced, open list of films for use in teaching, with suggested topics and reading pairings.