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Once upon a time, I was a food writer for the Los Angeles Times. I had to give that up to follow my academic dreams. That might have been a mistake.


Recent posts

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Los Angeles Times food writing index

This is an index of my restaurant reviews for “The Find”, the Los Angeles Times’ column for hole-in-the-wall restaurants, ethnic joints, cheap dives, trucks, and other assorted intensive joys. Everything on the list is something that I love, that stood up and smacked me in the soul somehow. Particular favorites are marked *, and the brain-shattering absolute joys of my life are double-marked **.


Ice Pan (The NY Times took note of this article for my invention of the term cremista, which was kind of a joke)
Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Factory* (Old-fashioned pastrami special is my favorite pastrami ever)
Louisiana Best Seafood
Philly West Bar & Grill
The Slaw Dogs


Front Page Jamaican Grille** (Maybe the most honest, profound, soul-happifying Jamaican food I’ve ever had)
Mofongos Comidas Caribena


Beijing Restaurant
Huge Tree Pastry
Taste of Chong Qing**  (The new Sichuan champ)
Tofu King*  (The most delicately stinky tofu you could ever want)


Cafecito Organico*
Coffee Tomo  (Sweet potato stuffed pretzels!)


Tara’s Himalayan*


Namastey India
Samosa House East 
Taurat Tandoori 


Little London Cafe


Mother Dough Pizza**  (Madman with a sourdough starter)


Mottainai Ramen
Ramen Yamadaya*


Mapo Restaurant*
Seongbukdong* (Funky-ass braised mackeral stew and candied steamed short ribs)


Hayat’s Kitchen** (The invention of Lebanese garlic fries)


Habayit Restaurant
Jasmine Mediterranean


Mariscos Chente*


Cafe Glace
Orchid Grill & Kabob* (Fesenjan: the walnut-pomegranate chicken stew of glory)


Peruvian round-up, including an early review of Mo-Chica**


La Pupusa Loca*


Krua Siri** (Home cured Thai sausage and the best laab in town)


Ngu Binh* (Sticky steamed rice cake stuffed inside a deep fried rice cake)

Gone But Not Forgotten

El Bolivar 
Ning Jie
Priyani Cafe
Silver and Gold Amazing


Other Food Articles

An op-ed defense of taco trucks

This tea lady is more hardcore than you could possibly imagine**

Natural fusion (Includes great interview material with Scoops’ Tae Kim)

Asian breakfast round-up


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