Public Philosophy

I wrote a Manifesto for Public Philosophy. It’s about what philosophers — institutionally and individually — need to do to support public philosophy. And why it’s so deadly important.

I’m also Assistant Editor at Aesthetics for Birdsa philosophy of art blog.


Social epistemology

Value Collapse (Royal Institute of Philosophy Cardiff Lecture)

Twitter, the Intimacy Machine (The Raven)

Twitter Gamifies the Conversation (SERC Case Studies, with suggested classroom exercises)

What Zoom Removes (The Splintered Mind)

Teacher, Bureaucrat, Cop (Daily Nous)

Review Drift (The Splintered Mind

How Much Should We Trust Technology? (The New Statesman)

Polarization or Propaganda? (Boston Review)

Why We Call Things ‘Porn’ (New York Times)

Escape the Echo Chamber (Aeon Magazine)

Why Games are Good but Gamification is Terrible (Conceptual Foundations of Conflict lecture)

Who Trains the Machine Artist? (Daily Nous)

The Gamification of Public Discourse (Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture)

How We Can Understand Ourselves Through Games (OUP)

Group-Strapping, Bubble, or Echo Chamber? (SERRC)

Am I in an Echo Chamber? (Open for Debate)

The politician philosopher (an interview with Matt Johnson, philosopher running for public office.)



Wordle is bringing us together by letting us see into each others’ minds (LA Times

The Art Solipsist (AFB)

The Philosophy of Art is the Philosophy of Technology (The Splintered Mind

Art is a Game (Forum for Philosophy) (and in Turkish)

The Aesthetics of Rock Climbing (Philosopher’s Magazine)

What’s Missing From Cookbook Reviews  (AFB). 

A Rawlsian Theory of Food Culture (AFB).

Playing Games with History (AFB).

Algorithmic Satire (AFB). 

An Aesthetics of Games (American Society of Aesthetics Newsletter)


Podcast and radio appearances

Are We Measuring Our Lives in All in the Wrong Ways? (The Ezra Klein Show)

Games, art, values, and agency (Mindscape podcast)

The philosophy of games (Factually with Adam Conover podcast) 

The gamification of life (Dope Labs podcast)

Games are agency as art (Decision Space podcast) 

The Seductions of Clarity, Weaponized Games, and Agency as Art (Future Fossils podcast)

Value Metrics and Governance at Scale (Future Fossils podcast)

Food (Forum for Philosophy)

Games against humanity (Conspirituality podcast)

On gurus and seductive clarity (Decoding the Gurus podcast)

Games and gamification (Overthink podcast)

Transparency is Surveillance (Examining Ethics podcast) 

A different way of thinking about trust (Examining Ethics podcast) 

A new way to think about games (Decision Space podcast)

A conversation with C. Thi Nguyen (Serious Play podcast)

Porn, Games, and Echo Chambers (A Pastor and a Philosopher Walk Into a Bar podcast)

Why Wordle took over the Internet (The Bunker podcast)

What’s in a game? (Philosophy Talk radio show/podcast)

Games: Agency as Art (New Books in Philosophy podcast)

Cheap talk (Escape the Void podcast episode, talking about clarity porn)

Five games for doomsday (Five Games for Doomsday podcast) 

Echoes in the void (Escape the Void podcast episode, talking about echo chambers)

Seductive clarity, weaponized gamification, and the art of agency (Future Fossils podcast)

Fake clarity and games (Over the Edge radio show)

Food as Pop (Pretty Much Pop podcast episode)

Game on! Quantified motivation & value capture: things we don’t notice in online social life (The Disinformation Age)

The philosophy of games (Philosophy vs. Improv podcast) 

Living in Different Worlds (Our Dream Deferred podcast)

Agency and Gamification (Then Do Better podcast) 

How Games Make us More and Less Free (The Ethics and Videogames podcast)

Game Time (Philosophy vs Improv podcast)

On Public Philosophy

I was a panelist on the APA Webinar on Writing Philosophy for Public Audiences (video replay available for APA members)