(Perhaps you would like a general description of my research projects? There’s also an annotated list of my publications.)


Games: Agency as Art (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).




The Uses of Aesthetic Testimony (British Journal of Aesthetics 51 (1), 2017: 19-36).



Cognitive Islands and Runaway Echo Chambers (Synthese, forthcoming).

Echo Chambers and Epistemic Bubbles (Episteme, forthcoming)

Escape the Echo Chamber (Aeon Magazine, 2018)

“Hyper-Specialization and the Fragmentation of Intellectual Autonomy” (Philosophical Inquiries, forthcoming).

“From Disagreement to Humility” (forthcoming, Wright and Snow (eds.), Humility: It’s Nature and Function. OUP.)

Autonomy, Understanding, and Moral Disagreement (Philosophical Topics 38 (2), 2010: 111-29).

An Ethics of Uncertainty (PhD Dissertation, 2011).


Philosophy of Games

Philosophy of Games (Philosophy Compass, 12 (8), 2017)

Competition as Cooperation (Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 44 (1), 2017: 123-37)

“Games and the Moral Transformation of Violence” (in The Aesthetics of Videogames, ed. Tavinor and RobsonRoutledge. 2018: 181-197)

The Forms and Fluidity of Game Play (in Suits and Games, ed. Hurka. OUP. Forthcoming)

Good Violence, Bad Violence: The Ethics of Competition in Multiplayer Games, with Jose Zagal (DiGRA/FDG ’16 – Proceedings of the First International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG)


Short pieces

The Aesthetics of Rock Climbing (Philosopher’s Magazine, 78, 2017: 37-43)

An Aesthetics of Games (American Society of Aesthetics Newsletter 34 (1), 2016)

What’s Missing From Cookbook Reviews  (AFB). 

Algorithmic Satire (AFB).