The Uses of Aesthetic Testimony (British Journal of Aesthetics 51 (1), 2017: 19-36)

Philosophy of Games

(there’s also an annotated explanation of my philosophy of games work)

Philosophy of Games (Philosophy Compass, 12 (8), 2017)

Competition as Cooperation (Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 44 (1), 2017: 123-37)

The Forms and Fluidity of Game Play (forthcoming, Hurka (ed.) Suits and Games. OUP.)

Good Violence, Bad Violence: The Ethics of Competition in Multiplayer Games, with Jose Zagal (DiGRA/FDG ’16 – Proceedings of the First International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG)

The Aesthetics of Rock Climbing (Philosopher’s Magazine, 78, 2017: 37-43)

An Aesthetics of Games (brief item for the American Society of Aesthetics Newsletter 34 (1), 2016)

Games and the Moral Transformation of Violence (forthcoming-ish, draft available on request)

Games as Landscape (2013 Philosophy of Computer Games Conference Bergen)

Moral Epistemology

An Ethics of Uncertainty (2011) my PhD dissertation, on the relationship between moral self-trust, disagreement, and self-doubt

Autonomy, Understanding, and Moral Disagreement (Philosophical Topics 38 (2), 2010: 111-29) on why doubting your moral beliefs based on disagreement doesn’t violate moral autonomy